Passing login user ID as a parameter using HTML


My requirement is to display user specific reports on the custom default 
home page when the 

user logs into the CRM application

I have a Home page where we display the reports in general (for all users) 
within frames.
We call the RDL reports from SQL Reports using the following sample URL code:
"http://<server name>/Reportserver?/Salesreport" for displaying  the 

Here "Salesreport" is the RDL file which will take User Id as a parameter.

Now My requirement is to pass the login User Id as a parameter to the RDL 

When executed the following code in the MS CRM form, 
I get the logged in User Id

var command = new RemoteCommand("SystemUser", "WhoAmI", "/MSCRMServices/");
var oResult = command.Execute();
if (oResult.Success)
	{	alert("Pass");

But when used the same code in the HTML file under <Script> tag giving 
javascript source file to "global.js" is not returning any values.

Need help to solve this issue?

Thakning you in advance

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11/13/2006 8:01:01 AM
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