Outlook connectivity & offline issue

I have seen other people post this, but I haven't seen 
the answer - when I try and look at a folder in CRM for 
Outlook it gives me an error and says to contact my 
system administrator. When I try to go offline, it says 
that I do not have sufficient rights or that the server 
is offline.

I am using CRM 1.2, looged into an XP box with local 
admin rights on this box and system admin rights on the 
server. I am a CRM user with admin rights. The web 
product seems to be fine, it is just the Outlook 
integration that is failing. Is there some other security 
setting that I am missing?

- Bill
6/28/2004 2:17:34 AM
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I'm also interested in any possible answer to this issue. 
I have problems with the offline mode of the SFO. An 
access denied error when the offline process is complete 
is another problem not listed by Bill. However, for this 
one, a have an "half-solution" that solves it..
6/28/2004 5:34:41 PM

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