MS CRM - license key problem

How to write organization name during instalation ?
I have write as in IG - "adventure-works" and adding license key was apeared
as incorrect.
I do not uderstand why ?
Are there another needs ?

Thanks for help.

10/15/2003 8:31:24 AM
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I have resolved problem.


U�ytkownik "Mariusz Slany" <> napisa� w wiadomo�ci
> How to write organization name during instalation ?
> I have write as in IG - "adventure-works" and adding license key was
> as incorrect.
> I do not uderstand why ?
> Are there another needs ?
> Thanks for help.
> Mariusz

10/15/2003 10:40:47 AM
I figured out the problem on the phone - in case anyone else out there
has this same issue, here is the problem:

In adsiedit (win2k support tool), find the attribute called
userAccountControl for a user who can be found by the deployment
manager.  Refer to the value in this MS URL:;en-us;305144 You
should be able to tell what the number means by referring to this

Next, take a look at that same attribute for a user who cannot be
found be the deployment manager.  You should notice a different value
for such a user.  My problem was that old Novell users had a value of
'544' instead of the more common '512'.  Your values may differ from
mine depending on your configuration of AD, of course, I'm just using
an example.  I changed a '544' to a '512' without a problem.  After AD
change, I was able to add that user in deployment manager without

Another thing I never tried until after starting this post is adding a
user in the web interface, which also works.  :(

10/17/2003 11:26:52 AM

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