Modify Appointment Status Code attribute


Does anyone know how I can modify the pick list values that is for the 
Status Code attribute in the Appointment Entity. This is the pick list that 
appears when a user clicks on Actions->Close Appointment. All I can use is 
Completed or Canceled. However, I would like to add more to the list. When I 
open the attribute, everything is greyed out and I cannot modify this.

 Please advise.


daryl1 (38)
12/15/2009 10:55:02 PM
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Hi Daryl

this field is locked because it is a system attribute, and i do not know of 
any supported ways to customize/change values in this attribute.

Leon Agerlin

"daryl" wrote:

> Hello,
> Does anyone know how I can modify the pick list values that is for the 
> Status Code attribute in the Appointment Entity. This is the pick list that 
> appears when a user clicks on Actions->Close Appointment. All I can use is 
> Completed or Canceled. However, I would like to add more to the list. When I 
> open the attribute, everything is greyed out and I cannot modify this.
>  Please advise.
> Thanks
12/16/2009 7:00:03 AM

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