migrating fogbugz data to crm

Has anybody done, or heard of, a migration of Fogbugz (5.0) data to MS
CRM support queues (MSCRM 3)?



5/8/2007 4:10:29 PM
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I have watched these groups since they were created all the way back in 2003 
and have never heard mention of anyone wanting to migrate from fogbugz to 

I am assuming you have done enough research to show that CRM can take over 
the functions you used fogbugz for.

John O'Donnell
Microsoft CRM MVP

"Anthony J. Biacco" <thelittleprince@asteroid-b612.org> wrote in message 
> Has anybody done, or heard of, a migration of Fogbugz (5.0) data to MS
> CRM support queues (MSCRM 3)?
> Thanx,
> -Tony

5/9/2007 12:48:47 AM

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Hi, I'd like to know if is possible to integrate microsoft dynamics CRM with SAP R3 and wich is the best way to do. Is the any connector available? Thanks. Hi, Integration is possbile through custom development but currently there is no third party connector availalbe in market. You may use biztalk for integration or do custome integration using CRM SDK. For detatails: http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/press/2006/mar06/03-27Convergence2006CRMPR.mspx You may contact me directly at my email address if you need any help on this. -- PLEASE do click on Yes or No button if this post ...