Microsoft paints underachieving MBS range as Dynamics

By Gavin Clarke in San Francisco 7 Sep 2005 23:35
Microsoft paints underachieving MBS range as Dynamics
Microsoft is putting a little pizzazz into its business solutions (MBS) 
range - a line that's missed key product delivery dates and revenue 

The diverse enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship 
management (CRM) line has been unified under the "Dynamics" brand.>> 
Microsoft CRM becomes Microsoft Dynamics CRM,<< Great Plains becomes 
Dynamics GP, Axapta becomes Dynamics AX, Navision becomes Dynamics NAV, and 
Solomon becomes Dynamics SL.

Bill Gates, Microsoft's chief software architect, promised a "huge 
commitment" to business applications, calling this market "critical to our 

Gates was speaking as his company unveiled new accounting software and an 
integrated server roadmap for small and medium businesses (SMBs) as part of 
the Microsoft Business Summit in Redmond, Washington, on Wednesday.

The Dynamics brand has been adopted to suggest "energy and motion that helps 
move a business forward" and the "flexibility and adaptability" of the 
product, according to Microsoft corporate vice president Tami Reller.

Re-branding comes after MBS's Project Green suffered shifting roadmap 
deliverable goals, while MBS itself experienced poor sales execution that 
finally saw the group last year placed under Microsoft's energetic chief 
executive Steve Ballmer.

Also announced at the summit was Centro, which has been billed by Microsoft 
as bringing together the planned Longhorn Server operating system and 
Exchange Server along with security and management capabilities. Microsoft 
said Centro would provide greater integration, security and automation of 
specific tasks.

Microsoft, meanwhile, launched Office Small Business Accounting 2006 and 
Office Small Business Management Edition 2006 to manage sales, marketing and 
finances inside the Office suite. Small Business Accounting 2006 includes 
the ability to store frequently entered transactions as templates and manage 
payroll through Excel. Office Small Business Management Edition 2006 
features Office 2003, Business Contact Manager Update, Word and Excel.�


9/8/2005 3:57:05 AM
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