Metadata Cache Error 04-14-04

When trying to "Go Offline" after synchronization completes I receive the:

"Metadata Cache Error"  No Entity

Anyone experience/solve this issue?

4/14/2004 4:02:00 PM
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You may have replication setup issue on your SQL server, I suggest you to go
through this article :

If this is OK, you may test the following manipulation :
Open SQL Enterprise Manager; go to Start select All Programs and then
Microsoft SQL Server.  Expand Microsoft SQL Servers, expand SQL Server
Group, expand your Microsoft CRM SQL Server and expand Replication Monitor.
Expand Publishers, and expand your SQL Server Name where you will find the
CRMMetaPub and CRMPub publications.
    a. Highlight CRMMetaPub and right-click on the Snapshot in the right
window pane. Select Start agent.
    b. Highlight CRMPub and right-click on the Snapshot in the right window
pane. Select Start agent.


Olivier Schmitt
Microsoft Business Solutions Support

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"Brian Mahloch" <> wrote in message
> When trying to "Go Offline" after synchronization completes I receive the:
> "Metadata Cache Error"  No Entity
> Anyone experience/solve this issue?

4/15/2004 2:30:58 PM

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