Mailing Groups of persons in CRM

I would like to make account's member of groups, or make contact's members of 
groups. In that case I can would like to send e-mails to groups instead of 
mailing to account's or contact's.

How can I Arrange that?

7/8/2005 8:37:01 AM
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CRM does not have a "contact group" feature as you will find in ACT! or
other SFA products.  But, you can simulate this functionality with a
custom field.  (The only drawback is that each salesperson can't create
their own.)  But this works fairly well:

Create a picklist, let's call it "Group".  Add the values you want.
(Of course you have to then publish that change.)   Then update the
contact records (if you have c360's Query Manager, you can select the
Update Action to do multiple, otherwise, you can create a manual
workflow rule, and do an advanced find and apply the rule to selected
contacts.  You can create multiple rules, or just keep changing the
value you update the Group field to, and run that same manual rule
several times.)   And now you can use this Group field in your
subsequent advanced finds, and send email to that group.



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