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I know a user needs a license to the Sales module to see it in CRM client, but does a user need a Sales License to use CRM Sales For Outlook?  Or will just a standard license do?  Anybody know?
4/15/2004 5:01:10 PM
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From what I have read in the IG the license you pruchase for 
the Sales (or Customer Service) module will entitle you to use
both the web browser interface and/or the Outlook client
interface with no additional cost.


On Thu, 15 Apr 2004 10:01:10 -0700, Heather Bain
<> wrote:

>I know a user needs a license to the Sales module to see it in CRM client, but does a user need a Sales License to use CRM Sales For Outlook?  Or will just a standard license do?  Anybody know?

4/15/2004 6:34:44 PM
You license CRM for either Sales, Service or Both (Suite).  Then, you also
choose within that, either the Standar or Professional license.  The SFO is
included in the Sales or Suite licenses.

Matt Parks

On Thu, 15 Apr 2004 10:01:10 -0700, Heather Bain
<> wrote:

I know a user needs a license to the Sales module to see it in CRM client, but
does a user need a Sales License to use CRM Sales For Outlook?  Or will just a
standard license do?  Anybody know?

4/15/2004 7:29:52 PM

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