Kawasaki 840056 Black 19.2-Volt 4-Piece Cordless Combo Kit

Image: http://thediscountlocator.info/image.php?id=B000BU159E
Best deal: http://thediscountlocator.info/index.php?id=B000BU159E

I purchased this set over 2 years ago for a deck rebuilding project. the drill and radial saw and flashlight have been excellent. the batteries hold a charge for a decent amount of time, and having a 2nd battery means you never are down while waiting for a recharge.  great value for the home do it yourselfer.
I bought these just because I needed some basic tools for a project I was working on.

I didn't expect much for the price (or after reading other reviews). 

After using these tools for awhile I'm pleased with them. 

The drill is good quality with enough power for everything I've thrown at it. The battery hasn't died on me during a job. A single charge lasts long enough.

The circular saw isn't the best, but it gets the job done. It seams to drain the battery pretty quick. But for small jobs it's great. The project I was working on required 1/8 - 1/2 inch wood and it did a great job with that. Larger pieces aren't a problem but the battery won't last long.

The saw seams to be of good quality. I've only used it to cut a few pieces of schedule 40 pipe but it worked great for that. 

The flashlight drains the battery fast. It's convenient in some places with the rotating angled head, but it's very bulky for most applications. At first I couldn't figured out what was rattling inside, but it turns out there's an extra bulb inside the flashlight, which is nice. 

The charger is my biggest complaint. It's not a smart charger so you have to be careful not to leave the battery in there for more than a couple of hours. 

The case is also annoying. I've never been able to get all the tools back in the case. The saw just doesn't fit anywhere once you have pulled it out. 

Overall it's a decent low price kit. Don't expect to build a house with these. 
Early on, the batteries seemed to struggle to maintain a charge or to deliver power to the three "main" tools.  Over the past two months, however, I've been pleased with the set.  Using the reciprocrator, I was able to fully modify a steel bike frame and cut down a large bush on one charge.  I've used the drill on a variety of jobs, mainly installing deadbolts and mortise locks on several doors, as well as many smaller jobs with no problems.  The circle-saw is pretty good as well, and has successfully cut through 2x4s without trouble.  
I can't explain the early problems, but they seem to have disappeared completely.
I would LOVE t be able to speak about the quality of the tools I purchased one month ago from Amazon.  However, I have NOT received them as yet: one full month later!
I received NO assistance from Amazon, broken promises from the distributor!  By calling the distributor every day for the past week and one half, I finally have been promised a date of delivery from the manufacturer of next week.
I shall be very cautious concerning purchasing anything through Amazon in the future.  "Buyer beware" certainly fits this company!
Quality Black Series homeowner's cordless tool set at an affordable price. 4-Pc. kit includes drill, circular saw, reciprocating saw and worklight, plus one battery and charger.


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