Installation question 06-05-07

I have one server with sql2005 running MOSS 2007 (sharepoint) I would like 
that sql server also to run CRM dynamics 3.0 pro. We are only 5 users and its 
a rather fast server so we believe it will go fine performance vice.
Can I install SRS from the crm3 disk on a SQL2005 ? does it NEED default 
website and port 80 ?  (the MOSS are using that)

any help appreciated
6/5/2007 12:08:11 PM
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I suggest install SQLServer 2005 Reporting Services (SRS) manually using the 
SQLServer 2005 installation media. Configure SRS to use a different (new) 
website, having its own application pool. Then during CRM setup specify the 
new  reporting services url.

Best regards,

Merijn van Mourik

"Lars" wrote:

> I have one server with sql2005 running MOSS 2007 (sharepoint) I would like 
> that sql server also to run CRM dynamics 3.0 pro. We are only 5 users and its 
> a rather fast server so we believe it will go fine performance vice.
> Can I install SRS from the crm3 disk on a SQL2005 ? does it NEED default 
> website and port 80 ?  (the MOSS are using that)
> any help appreciated
6/5/2007 12:36:00 PM
use the 90 Day Trial software to install as it has the 2006 Rollup One 
software included in the set. It is exactly the same software, you just use 
your license to activate it. The benefit is that it is more aware of SQL 

Agree that SQL 2005 Reporting Services should be installed first.

Anne Stanton, MBSCP-CRM
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"Lars" <> wrote in message
>I have one server with sql2005 running MOSS 2007 (sharepoint) I would like
> that sql server also to run CRM dynamics 3.0 pro. We are only 5 users and 
> its
> a rather fast server so we believe it will go fine performance vice.
> Can I install SRS from the crm3 disk on a SQL2005 ? does it NEED default
> website and port 80 ?  (the MOSS are using that)
> any help appreciated 

6/6/2007 12:14:38 AM

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