Installation Error ... KB 935922


> Thank you for contacting Microsoft Customer Service.
> Currently the hotfix described in [935922]: [Windows SBS 2003] is 
> unavailable.
> [ ]

How can I fix it now ??

Thank you


AthanP (2)
12/27/2007 4:42:22 PM
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On Dec 27, 10:42=A0am, "Athan" <> wrote:
> Hello,
> > Thank you for contacting Microsoft Customer Service.
> > Currently the hotfix described in [935922]: [Windows SBS 2003] is
> > unavailable.
> > []
> How can I fix it now ??
> Thank you
> Athan

Try requesting the hotfix through your Microsoft Business Solutions
Partner, they should be able to get this for you.

12/28/2007 4:05:25 AM

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