Importing accounts and contacts from cdf using CRM migration assistant : nothing happens

Hello !

I spent almost the night to import datas for my small business, everything 
seems fine in the cdf database, but when I try to move data using the 
assistant, nothing happens, no records are pumped, and I have no errors.
I customized some attributes in the account element, prepared the cdf 
database from CRM, imported my data ( 11000 accounts ) in cdf, checked the 
requested values ( seem fine - I use no guid, it's right ? ) and when I 
execute the import procedure, select only accounts and contacts, everything 
goes fast, and finally show 0 records moved of 0 :

8/23/2007 10:06:24 AM
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I am having the exact same issue and would appreciate any input.
8/31/2007 3:36:02 PM
Here is the solution:
Change the default data access mode from Table or View Fast Load to Table or 
View. To do this, follow these steps: 

1.  In SQL Server 2005 Integration Services (SSIS), open the Import/Export 
Wizard, and then create a package.  
2.  Under Data Flow Task, right-click Destination, and then click Edit.  
3.  Set the data access mode to Table or View so that all triggers will be 
executed at the table or view level.  
4.  Run the DTS package to populate the cdf_mscrm database.  

You cannot do this import simply using the "import" function in SQL Server 
managment Studio. You must use visual studio and create an integration 
services project using the Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server as the 
data source for targeting the cdf. You will not see the fast load option 

I understand this applies to SQL Server 2005 only.

9/3/2007 9:12:00 PM

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