Import into CRM 3.0 Contacts?

What's the easiest way to get Outlook Contacts imported into CRM 3.0 


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2/13/2008 9:20:28 PM
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use this way


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"Per Moeller-Olsen" wrote:

> What's the easiest way to get Outlook Contacts imported into CRM 3.0 
> Contacts?
> Per... 
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2/14/2008 6:51:01 AM
Thanks. Will try that. Per...

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> use this way
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> "Per Moeller-Olsen" wrote:
>> What's the easiest way to get Outlook Contacts imported into CRM 3.0
>> Contacts?
>> Per...

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2/14/2008 9:39:35 PM

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http://crm/Reports vs. http://crm/Reportserver
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I need to recover a contacts file from Backup Exec into Exchange but, the contacts file is from an older version of Exchange (2000 small business) and the backup was taken using an older version of Backup Exec (Version8.5), and I've since upgraded our Exchange to Enterprise 2003. While Backup Exec 8.5 allows me to redirect the files, I would like to know if any has anyone had any experience of a similar scenario? I suspect this will work, but don't wish to take any chances. Any help would be appreciated. Mark. "contacts file "? Do you mean the contacts...

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Has anyone been successful in installing CRM 3.0 onto an AMD64 bit processor using Windows 2003 x64 operating system? we are switching to DL145 servers for all f our web server machines and would like to migrate our CRM applications there also. I have not heard anything via official channels, but I don't believe CRM will install on x64 servers. The problem is that the environmental diagnostic in the CRM installation routine checks for MSXML 4.0 and doesn't find it. x64 Server requires MSXML 6.0, which, although "backwards compatible" does not satisfy the environmenta...

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I want to use multiple ranges (named) as the data source for a pivot table using MS Query. When I import the workbook my options are only to select the "tables" (which are my sheets referenced as sheetname$). I don't want to use the entire sheet, just my named ranges in multiple sheets. Thanks, Kathy H Names ranges should appear in the list of tables, unless they're dynamic ranges. But if there's nothing else on the sheet, you can use the sheetname$ tables. KHanna wrote: > I want to use multiple ranges (named) as the data source for a pivot table > usi...

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