IBF problem - Information Bridge Server installation


In Step "Publish Metadata" I typed "http://testcrm:8082" and clicked "next", 
the error message that appeared is "The Information Bridge metadata service
location is not avaliable".
I tried using http://localhost:8082 as some previous posts have suggested, 
but it still doesn't work.
Can anyone help me?

Thank you.
3/1/2005 12:49:04 AM
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i got the same error, dunno if this will help...but give it ago.

it...seems that  when you specify Sql 
authentication in setup it doesnt update the web.conf file

so i had to manually edit web.conf and put in the connection string

needed to edit inetpub\IBFReadService\web.conf and 

"aba" wrote:

> Hi
> In Step "Publish Metadata" I typed "http://testcrm:8082" and clicked "next", 
> the error message that appeared is "The Information Bridge metadata service
> location is not avaliable".
> I tried using http://localhost:8082 as some previous posts have suggested, 
> but it still doesn't work.
> Can anyone help me?
> Thank you.
3/1/2005 8:31:04 AM

I didn't specify Sql authentication, it was Windows authentication.
What else can I try?

"savage" wrote:

> i got the same error, dunno if this will help...but give it ago.
> it...seems that  when you specify Sql 
> authentication in setup it doesnt update the web.conf file
> so i had to manually edit web.conf and put in the connection string
> needed to edit inetpub\IBFReadService\web.conf and 
> inetpub\IBFWriteService\web.conf
> "aba" wrote:
> > Hi
> > 
> > In Step "Publish Metadata" I typed "http://testcrm:8082" and clicked "next", 
> > the error message that appeared is "The Information Bridge metadata service
> > location is not avaliable".
> > I tried using http://localhost:8082 as some previous posts have suggested, 
> > but it still doesn't work.
> > Can anyone help me?
> > 
> > Thank you.
3/1/2005 9:29:05 PM

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