History/Activity-NTEXT Field - character issue (RollupByid, Unicod

Ok, here's the deal, and lets see if it get broken here when I past it in, 

1. Try to view cirtain customer's history and get sql error (soap exception, 
you know the one that really doesn't tell you anything).

2. Look at customer's "History" by using advanced find to find all the 

3. Notice that one of the activities has it's 5000 character NTEXT Field 
filled with what appears to be a "copy/paste" from an outlook e-mail, to 
which I can open just fine.

4. out of sheer desperation of trying to figure out what the problem is, I 
went into the activitypointerbase table and emptied out the description ( set 
description = '' )

5. History works fine.

6. Updated the field back to the orginal text, broken again.

Copying and pasting from e-mail is often used in our company, and even from 
the web. 

I honestly think this is a buggy thing, however; I have to do several things 
as we have several customers "History" that we cannot view.

1. Microsoft Fixes CRM so it can read what's in there, because obviously the 
ntext field of the TASK allows whatever was pasted into it to be saved by SQL.

2. We write some custom jscript that does a regular expression on the 
contents on the onChange event that strips out all odd characters.

3. We write some SQL Job that does the same every so often on the ntext field.

Beats me, just thought I'd share, if anyone else has the issue.
6/1/2007 6:07:01 PM
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