Form Size and Scroll Bars

Hello All,
We have added a number of fields to the opportunity form.  For some reason 
when the form loads the scroll bar goes all the way to the bottom of the form 
and the user has to scroll back up to the top of it.  Any ideas why this 
might be happening?  

11/4/2007 3:20:02 AM
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Check out JScript in your onload event of opportunity. Is there any code 
which is moving the focuss to some field at bottom of form?

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"MDV1457" wrote:

> Hello All,
> We have added a number of fields to the opportunity form.  For some reason 
> when the form loads the scroll bar goes all the way to the bottom of the form 
> and the user has to scroll back up to the top of it.  Any ideas why this 
> might be happening?  
> Thanks!
11/4/2007 3:40:01 PM

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