fiscal year setting question


i know that the fiscal year settings get more or less set in stone, so i had 
a quick question before i set it for my org.

in the template field, what is that used for? if i select 'quarterly', does 
that mean i can only run reports on a quarter basis? what if i wanted to do 
monthly reports?

ultimately, my question is what is the 'template' field used for?

1/27/2006 6:04:02 PM
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Hi Jeff,

Fiscal year setting must be aligned to your company's accountig policy.
Fiscal year setting primarily defines sales quotas. When you set quarterly 
periods, you can set quarterly quotas for members of sales departments.
When sales director audits his/her employees, he/she can set sales plans 
against incomes on quarterly basis. When you set monthly periods, sales 
director can audit his/her employees on monthly basis.
Please ask the sales director about quotas, and desired/used settlement 
As I know, fiscal year settig has no effect reports other than sales quotas, 
or fiscal reports.
You should narrow or widen conditions in your queries as before.


"Jeff Bagnall" wrote:

> hi.
> i know that the fiscal year settings get more or less set in stone, so i had 
> a quick question before i set it for my org.
> in the template field, what is that used for? if i select 'quarterly', does 
> that mean i can only run reports on a quarter basis? what if i wanted to do 
> monthly reports?
> ultimately, my question is what is the 'template' field used for?
> thanks!
2/5/2006 11:31:27 AM

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