Failing to Verify database in Crystal Reports - CRM 1.2

I'm trying to create custom reports based on custom fields that I have added 
to CRM 1.2. I have read in this group that in order to see my custom fields 
from Crystal I will have to first verify that database.  But when I tried to 
Verify my database I got this error:

failed to load database information.
Details: The database DLL 'crdb_mscrm.dll' could not be loaded.

What I've done is launch Crystal 9.2.2 Pro. and used the 'Enterprise' button 
to find an exsisting CRM Crystal Report to modify. I then select a report, 
click the 'database' pull down menu and select 'verify database'.

Any ideas?


2/15/2005 8:11:06 PM
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I tried the same thing on a Crystal Report 9.2.2 that was install locally on 
the CRM server. This time I was able to verify my database. I was then able 
to find fields that I had added to the CRM.

If any one know how to get this to work from a remote computer on the LAN 
I'd love to know :) But as it is I can work and make some reports.


"Eric Rist" wrote:

> I'm trying to create custom reports based on custom fields that I have added 
> to CRM 1.2. I have read in this group that in order to see my custom fields 
> from Crystal I will have to first verify that database.  But when I tried to 
> Verify my database I got this error:
> failed to load database information.
> Details: The database DLL 'crdb_mscrm.dll' could not be loaded.
> What I've done is launch Crystal 9.2.2 Pro. and used the 'Enterprise' button 
> to find an exsisting CRM Crystal Report to modify. I then select a report, 
> click the 'database' pull down menu and select 'verify database'.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks,
> -Eric
2/15/2005 8:31:04 PM

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