Discount Lists 01-28-05

Hey all,
    First time posting here! Have an issue with a discount list not applying 
to a Price List Item. It seems to be applied to the PLI, but when I bring up 
a quote, and say order 5 of something, they are still at the same unit price 
as if I ordered 1. Is there another place where I need to define the 
discount list?
Also, is there a good CRM site that lists some FAQs or just a good site on 
CRM? Thanks!


1/28/2005 7:51:14 PM
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Hi Michael

When you open the discount price item under the price list is the discount 
list specified here? Thats quite a tongue twister!

To answer your query on other sites, there aren't any long established CRM 
websites yet to my knowledge. You can try:



"Michael Sainz" wrote:

> Hey all,
>     First time posting here! Have an issue with a discount list not applying 
> to a Price List Item. It seems to be applied to the PLI, but when I bring up 
> a quote, and say order 5 of something, they are still at the same unit price 
> as if I ordered 1. Is there another place where I need to define the 
> discount list?
> Also, is there a good CRM site that lists some FAQs or just a good site on 
> CRM? Thanks!
> Michael 
1/31/2005 4:05:02 PM

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