CRM token Limit


the CRM Token is limited (e.g. 0000 - 9999). What happends when I send a 
eMail after 9999???

5/30/2006 8:27:01 AM
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It will start at 1 again. Crm just assumes that by the time it roles over the 
conversations have fininished
Patrick Verbeeten (MCSD)
Lead Developer 
Aviva IT  

"Stefan" wrote:

> Hello,
> the CRM Token is limited (e.g. 0000 - 9999). What happends when I send a 
> eMail after 9999???
> greetings,
> Stefan
5/30/2006 9:48:01 AM

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According to the SDK, Microsoft.crm.proxy.dll should be in the wwwroot/bin directory. I can't find it anywhere. I do have the Microsoft.crm.comproxy.dll. Has anyone run into this problem??? Jay Dear Jay, you can find that assembly on the software cd or you can get it from the GAC Folder to get it from the GAC: 1- open a command prompet (Start -> Run -> cmd ) 2- cd WindowsDir -> cd assembly -> cd GAC -> CD Microsoft.CRM.Proxy then go to the assembly version folder and you can find the .dll file :) Regards, Mohamed "Jay Mehta" <

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Hi, Can anyone tellme where can i find goot articles about MS CRM architecture. MS CRM architecture means info about all the layers of the CRM and about XML templates, which CRM is using to display the UI. Thanks in advance. Regards, Raju The Microsoft CRM Implementation Guide gives some detail but for more indepth detail you need to be looking at the training manuals for Microsoft. You can get these manuals by attending a training course or by buying them through a partner company. -- John O'Donnell Microsoft CRM MVP

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Hi , Can anyone pls give me some help on using CRM 3.0 via terminal server or remote web workplace. This way we dont need to worry about VPN's and give outlook or webaccess within the terminal/RWW itself.. any feedback ? thanks Thanks Larry. Very helpful. "Larry Lentz [CRM MVP]" <> wrote in message > Accessing CRM via RWW and Terminal Services/RDP is no problem. If you can > log > into your workstation via RWW or RDP, you can certainly access CRM if you ...

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Hi there, I am getting a generic "An error has occurred" when I try to import a report to CRM. (Nothing in the event log) If the report was originally created in CRM and i don't modify it, then i can import the report fine but as soon as i modify it, for example, by creating a new dataset and try to import it. It will fail. Any ideas? The CRM reports are not sufficient for my needs so i need to figure out how to import reports that will work for my requirements. Thanks. -- Linna Tomlinson Sr Client Service Specialist GaleForce Solutions Inc Linna , if report is sh...

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I still have problems working with Outlook CRM client 1.2 after installing. The only things who where shown right are the icons in the 2 taskbars. When I push (for example) the CRM home button, the right part of the screen is white. Not any format is visible, only a view words coming from the menu tree and a view picture frames (only the red cross, not the picture). We reinstalled the total server. We are using virtual PC with an image with the 1.2 client version (based on the image of the 1.0 version: reconnected it to the new domain and installed the 1.2 version after uninstalling...

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Hello, all. My company has started using CRM and we are working to bring it up to full speed but for some reason, the Reports have just stopped working and we can't track down the problem. The symptoms are that when using CRM, the reports come up as completely blank. I ran the 'Microsoft CRM Environment Diagnostics Wizard and it came up with the following: "Job Renaissance_Systems_Services_MSCRM.Update Contract States could not be found in the sysjobs table." "Job Start_Incremental on Renaissance_Systems_Services_MSCRM.ftcat_documentindex.[7.5] could not be fou...