CRM Sucks ..

CRM is another Spyware .. It causes the system to freez , popups. Its slow . Specialy if you run it from DOS

5/27/2004 6:41:03 PM
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you forgot one, it smells funny too


"Smartie" <> wrote in message
> CRM is another Spyware .. It causes the system to freez , popups. Its slow
.. Specialy if you run it from DOS.
> :(
> *

5/27/2004 8:57:08 PM
Find another product if you that unhappy with MS-CRM.
>-----Original Message-----
>CRM is another Spyware .. It causes the system to freez , 
popups. Its slow . Specialy if you run it from DOS.
5/28/2004 4:06:08 AM

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We have installed CRM on our server and can access it from a web browser or MS Outlook. However it is very slow to loadforms or access any area of CRM - often taking 5 minutes or more before a page is retrieved. Is this a firewall issue? -- ACW Hi Tim, We're seeing this as well (CRM 3.0). The performance is inconsistant -- sometimes it is quite good, other times it is taking upwards of a minute or two to display a screen. The worst offenders are the Leads and Opportunities screen. The system is running in a test environment under Virtual Server 2005 -- could this be impacting thin...

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I am new to MSCRM. I have installed CRM1.2 and Find that I have workflow monitor, workflow manager, and deployment manager. When I launch workfolow monitor or workflow manager I get the error, "the localhost is not responding. This might happen if is currently unavailable or is not a microsoft CRM Server. For more information, contact your system administrator". I try the ip address of the server and the server name and SQL Server name and get the same error. On the other hand I am not sure what I am supposed to be seeing. I though I followed the installation process ...

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Hi, With MS CRM v3.0, when we have a group of fields to create, it would be faster to be able to enter the list and then submit the list for processing. Thank you. Felix. ---------------- This post is a suggestion for Microsoft, and Microsoft responds to the suggestions with the most votes. To vote for this suggestion, click the "I Agree" button in the message pane. If you do not see the button, follow this link to open the suggestion in the Microsoft Web-based Newsreader and then click "I Agree" in the message pane.

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reinstalled my exchange server in test environment. now CRM appears to have lost the exchange global access list. can't send e-mail to anyone through crm at all. tried uninstalling/reinstalling e-mail router, but to no avail. any ideas? exchange server has same name as before (exbe02). thanks, matt ...

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Hello All, Interesting problem. I create a case from email. It is now a Case. I now want to notify the sender that the Case is created. This is no problem if the individual is already in CRM, I can get that field from a Dynamic Value in the workflow. Howerver, if the person is not in CRM, I have nothing to grab. My plan was to grab the SMTP address and put it in a field on the form so I can grab it for the Workflow Template. Unfortunately, the Workflow TO: field will not only allow certain values. Does anyone have any ideas on this? I am reluctant to code in random contacts in ...

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Is there, or when will there be, a software version released that includes project management and resource management functionality? Also wondering what advantages MSCRM would have over GroupForce for a larger implementation that covers 70 different locations with varying stovepiped legacy systems and requirements to integrate with. No indication has ever come out from Microsoft that there will be a project management and resource management functionality included in future releases of Microsoft CRM. Sal "Cara" <> wrote in me...

CRM 4 Wrokflow import/export
I have developed a number of workflows in CRM 4. These were developon a test system. I have exported all customisations from this system in to the new live system. All the customisation appear to be OK, except I have a workflow which creates a contact. This is now marked with a red X in the workflow edit screen. When I click 'Set Properties' to check what fields are set I get an error page saying 'Record is Unavailable' I do really need to get round this issue, as it will take a long time to recreate all the workflows, also this stops the ability to move workflows betwe...

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Hi, Does anyone have experience with the tool Mule for interfacing with MS CRM 3.0? ( If so, is it possible to give some advice/remarks? Thanks for your comments, Kevin Dosseray This if the first I have heard of this tool and I have been monitoring this group since 2003. At this point I am not aware of any integrations between CRM and Mule ============================== John O'Donnell Microsoft CRM MVP "Dossies" <> wrote in message news:A58DE3CA-8D36-4EB5-...

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We are Microsoft Business Solutions partners for MS CRM and we are using MS CRM 1.2 internally. We have received a few days ago a product key for Microsoft CRM 3.0 Professional Edition. I have followed the instructions for upgrading MS CRM 1.2 to 3.0, for our internal implementation, but when I enter the 25-key code, i get the error message "The specified license is invalid" I also loged into VOICE to check if there was a different product key there but the only keys appearing for our company in VOICE is for version 1.2. Please note that we have used the CD's provided via our M...

Dynamics CRM / MS-CRM Addon Catalog
Hello Everyone, there is a new online Microsoft Dynamics community addon catalog available for everyone to access: It is searchable, and it has the ability to rank and leave comments on specific addons. Everyone is encouraged to look at the site and give their input so others can have more information about the solutions. Also ISV's are encouraged to list their addons on the site (it's free!) **This post was made per the recomendation of the Microsoft Community team:

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I am trying to build an add-on. It'd be great to reproduce CRM's L&F if I can. And as I was searching for a way to do this, I came across a third party add-on that does this by implementing Microsoft CRM controls, namely - Microsoft.CRM.Application.Controls.AppPage, Microsoft.CRM.AppComponents. I do not see any documentation on these classes and I am puzzled as to how they were able to inherit from these classes and create their web server controls. Also, when I took the CRM course, the instructor told us in the class that anything other than Microsoft.CRM.Proxy is not supporte...

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1. We have a requirement to export data using javascript on the CRM Form fields to the local client machine, for that i have created an XML file with form fields data and used ActiveX Object for XMLDOM but it was not allowed by Internet Explorer by default settings ( In order the solution to work users need to change Internet Explorer Security Settings to allow unsigned ActiveX controls to download/execute, we feel that this not a acceptable solution). This is specific to Internet Explorer Security settings. Following is one more issue with MS CRM Forms 2.We tried importing a XML/any f...

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Hi, I'm trying to install The CRM Connector for GP but I get this error: "Specified Microsoft CRM Access User is not a part of the Microsoft CRM Privilege User Group". I already have created the four suggested groups of the guide (CRMAccessUser, GPAccessUser, IntUserGroup, IntUser). Is this a new group that must be created or what steps am I missing? CRM is version 3 and GP is version 9 Thanks! Irene ...

Introduction to CRM
Hi All, I just found a link which seems to be quite informative about CRM. Just try the link below to have a look at it. This contains the basics of CRM. I really loved this article. Thanks, Ankur ...

Hi, Can anybody know how to find if an opportunity has been shared to the team in the SQL database? Or if you have any way to find it using C# code? Thanks a lot for your help. Use this query on the mscrm database: select u.fullname, from dbo.PrincipalObjectAccess p left join systemuser u on p.principalid=u.systemuserid left join team t on p.principalid=t.teamid Where p.objectid='<ObjectID>' group by u.fullname,, p.objectid Replace <ObjectID> by the id of the object your looking for. The will return the names of all users and teams which have bee...

CRM appointments not appearing in Outlook calendar
I have just started to use Microsoft CRM. Appointments made in Outlook are shown in the CRM system, however if I enter an appointment in the CRM system it is not shown in Outlook. CRM version is 1.2 and Outlook 2003, exchange 2003. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I think you meaned that you have entered a appointment in the WebClient and do not see it in Outlook !? Have synchronized your Outlook SFO? christian ___________________________________ Your company for MS-CRM ADD-ONS! GroupCalendar for MSCRM Related Docume...

CRM 3.0 Laptop Client for Outlook --admin only?
Can the CRM 3.0 Laptop client for outlook be used successfully on a limited local user account (not admin, not power user)? We had to shoehorn it just to install it. Is administrator access _required_ for successful, consistent use? -Eric Has no one tried to use the CRM client in a non admin-user environment? Again, we are trying to deploy the laptop client to restricted users, and would like to know if is designed to work in a low privilege environment. -Eric "hnl-eric" wrote: > Can the CRM 3.0 Laptop client for outlook be used successfully on a limited > local use...

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Hello! When using Microsoft CRM 1.2 integrated with Outlook 2002, many of my users are continuously receiving a message stating "Another program is trying to access Outlook. Do you want to allow this?" They are then prompted to allow access to Outlook for up to 10 minutes. If they say yes, 10 minutes later they receive the message again. I believe this may be a Security issue with Outlook but I do not know how to allow the CRM to access Outlook so that we are not seeing this message over and over. Can someone help? Thank you! ...

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User selected the Appointment, Track in CRM, selected the Contact to relate and Save and Close, then would get the following error: An error occurred promoting this item to Microsoft RM. The Microsoft CRM server could not be contacted or the user has insufficient permissions to perform this action. This item has been saved to Microsoft Outlook but is not being tracked in Microsoft CRM. After many times back and forth with support, the problem turned out to be that the Role the User was assigned to had been a NEW Role that we created and somehow it became corrupt. We determined that s...

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Hi all. I posted a message on here some time ago about a problem I have in CRM 4.0 after upgrade from 3.0 in that I can no longer create new custom entities ("Invalid Argument" popup a few seconds after clicking "Save and Close"). Everything else in CRM is working fine. I've since tried reinstalling CRM on a new test machine and have successfully imported the active organization (database) to the new installation but the problem remains, which leads me to believe there are problems in my database. Does anyone know if there's a tool out there to check and fix the ...

importing contact data into CRM
Hi everyone; How could I import contact and other data from other files or databases into CRM? thanks, Farshad for contacts and leads you can directly import by going to tools - import etc for other data you have a few options 1 - use the data migration tool 2 - write code in vb or 3 - use an out of the box solution like scribe "farshad" <> wrote in message news:066a01c39ce1$42bdb750$a101280a@phx.gbl... > Hi everyone; > > How could I import contact and other data from other files > or databases into CRM? > > th...

Problems with CRM 3 Outlook client sync.
Hi, I have joined two computers to a Windows Server 2003 domain. After that i've installed CRM 3 Outlook Client on two laptops with Vista. The installation went smoothly. I have desktops on the network, where clients are working properly. On these two laptops when I start Outlook with CRM clients get this message: You can not start synchronization process on this computer. This process can only run on a single client computer user. Customer synchronization should be the computer, which usually is online (for example, desktop computer), or basic computer user. To change the client s...