CRM requirements, any advice please

2003 Web Edition is mentioned in the requirements for CRM and I was just
wondering how you would go about implementing this. I think its only any use
in the large deployment as far as I can see.

Is it possible to install the medium deployment, SQL & CRM, on a Web Edition
I dont think so.

We are a software reseller only very recently having acheived partner

We are deliberating on a decent server and architecture for our OWN internal
use so that users can have access to CRM at least in a test environment.
I have to point out I have already installed CRM before, in virtual pc
images, as a standalone server, and as well as later obtaining the official
MS ones later to use with my Virtual PC server ( Poweredge 400SC with 1Gb

We already have a SCSI Dell Poweredge 400SC with 1Gb ram I could use, but
being a low end entry server one of our managers is concerned at not getting
the optimum performance - what might the performance be like if this was to
be the SQL/CRM server in the medium deployment?
We only have really about 10 users onsite, and of course it might be
demonstrated offsite.
Of course we can't go SBS2003 because we already have our domain setup and
it will not observe a trust. The intention seems to be able to run it from
the desktop as a test environment without having to logon to a seperate
domain or use another hardware.

Our current architecture is
*1x 2003 standard server as our main AD, 512Mb Ram, Dell Powerdge 400SC
(basic entry server)
*1x2000 advanced server (also an AD server), Ex2000, 512Mb Ram,Dell Powerdge
400SC (basic entry server)
*1x2000 server, Sql2000, Dell Poweredge 2500, 1Gb, already installed for
other apps and single processor,not quick enough for CRM and will be

So we are looking at getting TWO servers, as opposed to just the extra
CRM/SQL because we were thinking of trying to avoid installing CRM directly
into our AD seeing as we are CRM partners, but not in Microsoft
One of those servers was going to be the Virtual PC Poweredge with 1Gb ram,
making my workstation which is a Poweredge into that role by swapping the

I have an unused license for 2003 Web Ed through Action Pack, and I guess it
CAN be used to CRM but NOT SQL which isnt much use is it as this role would
still require another server?

Also, as we currently have EX2000 it is advised that your CRM domain is 2000
(although our main domain is 2003). I have a license for 2003 so I presume
we could always upgrade Exchange and consider obtaining licenses for 2003
server for the AD role and the CRM server also.

Otherwise we could install directly into our existing domain and only obtain
the single server although not being specialists in AD yet I am a bit wary
of this, especially as we might come up across problems with CRM and its
affect on AD and possible upgrade problems during the next release.

Or is it possible the CRM role might be handled by the Poweredge, but the
SQL database server might handle the CRM databases ok (I doubt it).
Just welcome any thoughts anyone might have to help. I think we may need to
stick with the plans and have to obtain 2x server operating systems, which
is a bit undesirable. This may be of course cheaper if we could stay with
2000Server domain for the CRM and EX2000 still as our email server. Although
we are experiencing queue issues with EX2000 even on latest post SP3 rollups
and I was thinking upgrade to EX2003 might not be all that bad an idea.


7/16/2004 8:59:08 AM
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Forget it, we are sticking with the two extra server approach and going for
the extra server software.

This will help understand any issues with trusts, help with learning for
installing in a live environment from scratch (as opposed to an existing
Active Directory).


7/16/2004 11:15:02 AM

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