CRM features

I'm researching this topic and need some information on Microsoft CRM, what I 
want to know is what the features are. Someone please get back to me.
10/25/2005 8:31:09 PM
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See the features in my blog

I hope this will help, for more write a mail to me on

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"xcourtx" wrote:

> I'm researching this topic and need some information on Microsoft CRM, what I 
> want to know is what the features are. Someone please get back to me.
10/26/2005 4:38:02 AM
Download the implementation guid

then see the PDF file.

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All about Microsoft CRM 3.0- read

"xcourtx" wrote:

> I'm researching this topic and need some information on Microsoft CRM, what I 
> want to know is what the features are. Someone please get back to me.
10/26/2005 4:51:02 AM
Are you looking for info on the current release of CRM or the upcoming 3.0?

CRM 1.2 (current version) Features List:

CRM 3.0 Fact Sheet:

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"xcourtx" wrote:

> I'm researching this topic and need some information on Microsoft CRM, what I 
> want to know is what the features are. Someone please get back to me.
10/27/2005 3:31:02 AM

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Have installed the SQL Reporting for CRM, and during the install I get an error "Object error is not set to an instance of an object" Any one know what this may be. thanks Kim Cannon ...

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Is there a way to make the App open faster over the web? no. its fully dependent on your you have the whole system on one box? or spread out to even out the load? for a test environment I placed everything on one box and its horribly slow.....our production environment is spread amoungst multiple computers and runs smoothly.....even over VPN. -Gary "scott" <> wrote in message news:0fde01c38c41$d9f327a0$a001280a@phx.gbl... > Is there a way to make the App open faster over the web? I have the exchange and the DC on one machine...

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Hi, Our business has just deployed CRM and we are at the stage now where we have all of our contacts and accounts on the database and would like to start using it to send out marketing emails, etc. I've poked around all the various email options but am stumbling at the first hurdle; the email addresses that have been associated with the CRM users are not actual functioning email addresses. As I didn't set up the system when it was first installed I don't know how the administrator set it up, but it seems that he has put these "dummy" addresses in for each CRM user which...