Crm Exchange Problem

Hi, i have installed crm exchange e-mail router on exchange server machine, 
everything ok. Crm server is on other machine. When I try to send and email 
from the crm cliente it shows me: "Unexpected error..." and in the event log 
puts "A soap error ocurred, access denied".
I added crm server in pre-windows 2000 security group and the user i put 
when i installed email router is an administrador, the same that i used in 
crm server installation. I use windows 2003 server on each server, ¿some 
idea, please?
3/4/2005 5:33:04 PM
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Hi Victor,

Thanks for the post.

Did email work before the Exchange router was installed?
Can the client machine send non-CRM email?

Mike Christl

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\viewkind4\uc1\pard\f0\fs20 Hi Victor,
\par Thanks for the post.
\par Did email work before the Exchange router was installed?
\par Can the client machine send non-CRM email?
\par Mike Christl
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3/9/2005 4:49:30 PM

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