CRM Database migration to a CRM database

We have a CRM database that is broken,  We would like to export all of the 
data from our CRM database to a new CRM Database.  Anyone have a easy or 
explainable way to do this.  Thank you
1/20/2005 4:37:07 PM
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I'd look into "Scribe" software. You might have to have a new system up and
ready (ie fresh CRM install), and then migrate the data over using Scribe.


"Stephen Crocker" <Stephen> wrote in
> We have a CRM database that is broken,  We would like to export all of the
> data from our CRM database to a new CRM Database.  Anyone have a easy or
> explainable way to do this.  Thank you

1/20/2005 6:37:55 PM
Hi Stephen,

we had exactly this problem but had an entire server crash and lost Active 
Directory as well.

If it is just a CRM reinstall you may be able to reinstall, leaving the 
databases intact, and then choose "use existing databases" when prompted 
during installation.

If you are starting from scratch with a fresh server you can use the data 
migration tools apparently (however, we never managed to get that to work).  
We did manage to do it by literally importing tables in and manually editing 
the security info but we didn't have huge amounts of data luckily!  I guess 
that with a basic knowledge of SQL script or even VB this could be automated. 
 I can e-mail you further details on this if you want them...


"Stephen Crocker" wrote:

> We have a CRM database that is broken,  We would like to export all of the 
> data from our CRM database to a new CRM Database.  Anyone have a easy or 
> explainable way to do this.  Thank you
1/24/2005 5:51:06 PM

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