CRM Customization 07-05-05

I need to customize CRM adding some fields in several forms. I'd like to
look at some documentation on how to do it: apparently there is (was?) a CRM
Customization White Paper on the MS site but the link is now broken.

Is there some detailed docs on CRM customization (like Schema details and so
on)? I had a look at the CRM SDK but it seems to be far beyond our current



7/5/2005 2:29:50 PM
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Hello Andrea. If you need add Custom Fields to your form, first you need 
create these field in Deployment Manager/ Schema manager / Type of Record 
(like Contacts) / Atributtes. Here right click and select "New Schema Field"

When you finished this step, you need to add these custom fields to your 
form. For this, open CRM / Setting / System Customization / Type of Record / 
Customize Form. Here click in "Add fields" and is done.

Remember that you need to publish these changes trought Deployment Manager.
Warning: The custom fields that you add to Schema can`t be deleted.

Hope that help you. 

Daniel Rodriguez
SMS - Argentina
7/5/2005 4:35:07 PM
start having a look at this on how to add fields to a form:

if you need to add custom fields then you need to add them in the Deployment 
manager - Schema manager (choose you record Type, Attributes, "Add Schema 
Fields...once adde they cannot be renamed nor removed)

Once you'r done adding your fields you need to publish them thru deployment 
manager. (After doing that is recommended that you restart IIS, you probably 
won't be able to see your new fields...)

"Andrea Cogliati" wrote:

> I need to customize CRM adding some fields in several forms. I'd like to
> look at some documentation on how to do it: apparently there is (was?) a CRM
> Customization White Paper on the MS site but the link is now broken.
> Is there some detailed docs on CRM customization (like Schema details and so
> on)? I had a look at the CRM SDK but it seems to be far beyond our current
> need.
> TIA,
> Andrea
7/5/2005 4:48:05 PM

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