CRM 3.0 - Vista - title bar error

We have recently upgraded to MS Vista. We now find that title bars of
CRM windows display the full url, making navigation extremely
cumbersome. any ideas? And any other CRM/Vista problems we should be
aware of?

3/24/2007 11:08:57 PM
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If I understand your problem correctly, it is because of IE7 tabs. you
can change the tabs behavior by going to tools -> Internet options ->
general . under tabs, click settings. and change the option of "when a
pop up is encountered" to "always open pop ups in new window". this
will enforce IE to open CRM in a new window, and then it should open
with no address toolbar.
hope this helps,

On Mar 25, 1:08 am, wrote:
> We have recently upgraded to MS Vista. We now find that title bars of
> CRM windows display the full url, making navigation extremely
> cumbersome. any ideas? And any other CRM/Vista problems we should be
> aware of?

3/25/2007 2:08:31 PM

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