Creating Relatioships

I want to add a simple attribute  "supplier" to the Facility/ equipment  in 
CRM 3.0 and relate this attribute with accounts. The problem is when I try to 
create the relationship I receive a error message.

The question is:
a) Is it Possible?
b) If yes, How Can I create de relationship
c) If not, workaround?

Thanks ---- Helena Barbosa
5/18/2006 5:09:02 PM
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What error are you getting?  
Creating a relationship is done between entities.  Are you trying to create 
a mapping between this new field/attribute and a field/attribute in the 
Account entity?

"helena barbosa" wrote:

> I want to add a simple attribute  "supplier" to the Facility/ equipment  in 
> CRM 3.0 and relate this attribute with accounts. The problem is when I try to 
> create the relationship I receive a error message.
> The question is:
> a) Is it Possible?
> b) If yes, How Can I create de relationship
> c) If not, workaround?
> Thanks ---- Helena Barbosa
5/19/2006 12:08:02 AM

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