Conversion problem

Hello all,

When I enter a new Lead in CRM, and I convert the Lead to an Account, a
Contact and an Opportunity, some fields (with content) are not 'transfered';
after I look into the new Contact/Account/Opportunity I see empty boxes.

The corresponding fields (on the different forms) point to exactly the same
'schema-names', but somehow the data is not copied from the LeadAddressBase
table to the CustomerAddressBase table.

Has anyone experienced the same problem, and if so, how did you solve it?

Johan Klein | Lost Boys | The Netherlands

10/7/2003 10:49:48 AM
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Check your Deployment Manager as this is where the "transfer" of fields are
mapped. Either they were deleted or perhaps your using custom fields? Make
sure your field names are correct as in CRM they are VERY misleading and
have different names all over the place.

But definatly check your DM for those mappings. I'd start with the Lead
schema, and look at the Account, Contact, and Opp mappings under


"Johan Klein" <> wrote in message
> Hello all,
> When I enter a new Lead in CRM, and I convert the Lead to an Account, a
> Contact and an Opportunity, some fields (with content) are not
> after I look into the new Contact/Account/Opportunity I see empty boxes.
> The corresponding fields (on the different forms) point to exactly the
> 'schema-names', but somehow the data is not copied from the
> table to the CustomerAddressBase table.
> Has anyone experienced the same problem, and if so, how did you solve it?
> Regards,
> Johan Klein | Lost Boys | The Netherlands

10/7/2003 3:56:19 PM

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