contract lines error

I want to create new contract lines from ms crm 3.0 application, but there's 
an error. The error message: "Server Error in Application". 
Actually in my office there's no problem but in our client company there's 
an error.
I want to ask, what kind of mistake that can make this error ?
please help me....


12/8/2006 3:38:01 AM
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If you (or your client company) gets this error, do you/they see a series of 
buttons down the left-hand side of the window with the error, one of which 
is a user icon? If you hover over this, you get a tooltip 'what the user 
would have seen'. Click on this - what I think you are getting is the 
developer error - the user messages are much more friendly!

You should turn off the developer errors setting in web.config to get rid of 
this type of messages for the user community.


"yunita" <> wrote in message
> hi,
> I want to create new contract lines from ms crm 3.0 application, but 
> there's
> an error. The error message: "Server Error in Application".
> Actually in my office there's no problem but in our client company there's
> an error.
> I want to ask, what kind of mistake that can make this error ?
> please help me....
> Thanks,
> Yunita

12/8/2006 11:41:13 AM

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