Contact with multiple Email Addresses

I have the Tracking device on in CRM 4.0, which is tracking all incoming and 
outgoing emails for leads, contacts and accounts.  I am wondering if it is 
possible to add/track multiple email addresses for one contact.  Is there 
anyway to associate more than one email address for an entity?

Thanks, Geoff
geoff (60)
1/19/2010 2:41:02 PM
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A contact (and also account and lead) has three e-mail fields. CRM uses all 
these fields for email tracking.

Patrick Verbeeten (MCPD)
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"Geoff" wrote:

> I have the Tracking device on in CRM 4.0, which is tracking all incoming and 
> outgoing emails for leads, contacts and accounts.  I am wondering if it is 
> possible to add/track multiple email addresses for one contact.  Is there 
> anyway to associate more than one email address for an entity?
> Thanks, Geoff
Patrick2861 (490)
1/20/2010 1:18:01 PM

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