Client install error 04-11-07

I am installing the CRM client software. The install went fine on the other 
two laptops. I am getting the following messages on one laptop.
MSDE Service Pack 4 Missing Minimum version 8.00.818.
click Install
Installation starts
Installation Failed

If I click Back and attempt it again the install fails. Please advise.


4/11/2007 11:16:02 PM
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Try the latest version of CRM Outloo Client. It's comes with SQL 2005 
Express Edition. It's more stable than the one comes with MSDE 2000.

"Michael P. Lindekugel" <> wrote 
in message
>I am installing the CRM client software. The install went fine on the other
> two laptops. I am getting the following messages on one laptop.
> MSDE Service Pack 4 Missing Minimum version 8.00.818.
> click Install
> Installation starts
> Installation Failed
> If I click Back and attempt it again the install fails. Please advise.
> cheers,
> Michael

4/12/2007 2:25:51 AM

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