Changing Entity Name

We need to change the wording from "Account" to "Customer". can we do that?
7/27/2005 9:15:03 AM
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On Wed, 27 Jul 2005 02:15:03 -0700, Shawki
<> wrote:

>We need to change the wording from "Account" to "Customer". can we do that?

Not possible in CRM I'm afraid!

7/27/2005 9:34:32 AM
You will be able to do this in the next version of CRM, 3.0.
Matt Wittemann

"Shawki" wrote:

> We need to change the wording from "Account" to "Customer". can we do that?
7/27/2005 1:08:08 PM
This is possible. Unsupported though. this was posted somewhere and it
works i have done it myself, if you need help, feel free to email me:
> OK, this is how you do it. Essentially the technique is to modify the
> resource only DLL (a .NET assembly) that contains the string resources us=
> by the application. This should be 100% safe because this is a resource o=
> DLL that Microsoft themselves must modify in order to localise the
> application for different languages. In fact I regard this as a kind of
> sub-localisation; i.e. "localising" the application for a vertical market
> segment within a language :-). Of course it is an unsupported customizati=
> and I've only tried it for CRM 1.2. The procedure involves a number of
> steps, but it is not terribly complicated and does not require any
> programming skills.
> BTW: I'm out of the office and don't have access to a machine with CRM
> installed on it at present, so this is from memory. I may not remember the
> precise names, locations or details.
> First you need to locate the resource DLL under inetpub\wwwroot\bin. It is
> called something like Microsoft.Crm.Application.Reso=ADurces.Dll. You'll =
> to check the precise name, but I think it is the only one with Resources =
> the name. Now you need a tool which can extract the embedded resource from
> this DLL into a form you can edit. I used Lutz Roeder's .Net Refletor whi=
> you can find here:
> Using the Reflector (the version for .Net 1.1), open the assembly and dri=
> down into the resources. It should contain only one embedded .resource
> element. Right click the node in the tree and choose the Save As option.
> Save the resource into a convenient location (not the bin directory), but
> keep the default name.
> Now you'll need another of Lutz Roeder's tools, the Resourcer. This is
> available from the same location. Again running the .Net 1.1 version, open
> the .resource file you just created. You can use the resourcer to directly
> edit the strings entries, or you can first save the whole thing to a .txt
> file that you can then edit with your favourite editor. The Resourcer can
> import from such a text file to recreate a .resource file. I find editing=
> text file easier because it allows one to do global search/replace
> operations, etc, however for your first experiment I would recommend stay=
> within the Resourcer and just modifying an obvious entry. For example sort
> on the value column and change the "Contact" and "Contacts" entries to
> "Customer" and "Customers". When editing entries you must exercise some c=
> not to remove insertions (e.g. {0}). I imagine you might also cause probl=
> if you change a single word into a long sentence so that this upsets the
> screen layout.
> When one comes to do a full customisation, it is necessary to carefully
> check every resource string entry, or at the very least search for key
> words. You will find that the entity names and various terms are sprinkled
> throughout the file. Nevertheless it is possible to modify the supposedly
> fixed names of all menu and tab entries, including those along the bottom=
> the screen. E.g. you can change 'Sales Automation' to whatever you want.
> Having edited your .resource file, you now need to bind it back into an
> assembly. This is done using the assembly linker tool that is supplied wi=
> the .NET framework, al.exe. This should be on the path, but if not it sho=
> be in C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Frame=ADwork\v1.1.4322
> You'll need to run a command like this:
> al.exe /embed:<.resource file name> /out:<assembly name>
> The assembly name should be exactly the same as the source assembly (i.e.
> Microsoft.Crm.Application.Reso=ADurces.Dll, or whatever it actually is). =
> can pass additional arguments to specify information that is stored in the
> DLLs version resource such as the description and version number. It would
> seem to be sensible to include information there that indicates that this=
> a customised resource DLL not supplied by Microsoft (since one can't chan=
> the assembly name). Just run al.exe without any arguments to find out how=
> do this.
> Finally shutdown your CRM system, i.e. restart IIS and stop all the CRM
> services. There are four services if I recall correctly; I'm not sure it =
> necessary to stop them all, but there is at least one of them that needs =
> be stopped so it is easiest to just stop them all. Now create a backup co=
> of the old resource assembly and then copy your new resource assembly from
> your working directory over the top of the original one in the bin
> directory. Restart the services, browse to your CRM site and admire your
> handywork.
> BTW: If you are aware of these things, you may be wondering how it is
> possible to replace a strong-named DLL supplied with Microsoft with one t=
> cannot have the same strong name (after all you don't have the key file to
> sign the new assembly). Well it only works because the resource DLL is bo=
> dynamically by name, rather than through the standard .NET assembly bindi=
> mechanism.=20


7/27/2005 4:23:42 PM

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