cannot delete business unit?


I am using microsoft CRM 1.2 with demo license of Adventure works
Cycle. Is there any way to delete a "Business Unit". I go to Settings
-> Business Unit Settings -> Security Roles -> Business Management.
The delete option for "Business Unit" and "User" is disabled there.
I searched in groups and found a few discussion about deleting users
which say that it is not allowed to delete mscrm users. However I did
not find any reference about deletion of "Business Unit". The user
guide that comes with the installation shows steps to delete a
"Business Unit", so i presume it must be possible..
Also if there is no way to delete a Business Unit directly then is
there a way to do it manually.

Thanks in Advance
5/3/2004 12:19:26 PM
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Hi James!!

Yes, you are right, you cannot delete any business unit 
in CRM, you can only disable it. You can add users to 
CRM, even though you have a demo license for Adv. Works 

Create the users in Active Directory, with their login 
etc. The go to your CRM server and create users with the 
same name, login, etc. Then remove the licenses for the 
default Adv. Works Cycle users (gail, Jose, etc) and 
assign the newly created users. And then you have your 
own users with your choice of names!!!

Hope this clears up a few questions!!
5/3/2004 2:35:38 PM
Another thing that you cannot delete : teams !!! Be very careful if you use team items ! 
5/4/2004 12:11:09 PM

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