Can not add new user in crm 3

I can no longer add a new user in CRM 3 using the deployment manager interface

I get the following error:

Invalid code for CRM error (80070005) - SOAP Server Application Faulted

note: the crm server is a domain controller
11/3/2006 9:47:01 PM
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1. Check what account is starting the CRM services (Local System or a Domain 

2. Install the Windows 200X Support Tools on the CRM Server. Run 
suptools.msi from Support | Tools folder on the 200X Server CD.

3. Click Start | Run, enter adsiedit.msc and click OK

4. Locate the root CRM OU under the Domain

5. Right-click, select Properties, then click the Security Tab

6. Add the computer account if Step 1 was set to Local System or add the 
domain account that was listed.

7. Grant Full control and select Advanced

8. Select the rights just added and click Edit

9. Select "this object and all child object" in Apply onto

10. Test adding a user

"Jason (Vertexx)" wrote:

> I can no longer add a new user in CRM 3 using the deployment manager interface
> I get the following error:
> Invalid code for CRM error (80070005) - SOAP Server Application Faulted
> note: the crm server is a domain controller
11/3/2006 11:08:01 PM
I have seen this before by clients.  Here is a long list of troubleshooting 
steps I have gone through with multpile partners. Remember, if at any time 
you find the error corrected, then you do not need to go further. 

Check the permissions on the following AD Container (Support Tools must be 
installed on the DC, and can be found on the Windows installation media)
CN=AdminSDHolder,CN=System,DC=MyDomain,DC=Com AD container. 

The following Allow permissions need to be added for the Authenticated Users 
Read (Regular Permission)
List Contents (Advanced Permission)
Read All Properties (Advanced Permission)
Read Permissions (Advanced Permission)

After applying these permissions attempt to add the users again.  If this 
doesn't work is the user trying to add the CRM users a member of the Domain 
Admin group? Does the user logged on or a group he/she is a member of have 
permission on the UserGroup and ReportingGroup (See below)?
• Read 
• Write 
• Add/Remove self as member 
Advanced permissions 
• List Contents 
• Read All Properties 
• Write All Properties 
• Read Permissions 
• Modify Permissions 
• All Validated Writes 
• Add/Remove self as member 

Please change the following registry key on the CRM Server.
Registry Hive: HKLM\Software\Microsoft\MSCRM
Key: AutoGroupManagementOff
Value: Change to 1

Try to add the user to CRM again. Does it still fail with an error message?
You will have to manually add the user to the UserGroup and ReportingGroup.

If you are still having problems then perhaps we are looking at invalid 
access to the OU and/or Groups for CRM. Please make sure the user or account 
that is running the CRMAppPool has permissions on the OU in AD. 

Additionally, in the Web.config file located in the Home Directory of the 
CRM Website, set or verify the following element: <identity 

When you set the impersonate attribute of the identity element to true, you 
configure the application to use client impersonation on each request to the 
application server. By default, impersonation is disabled in a typical 
ASP.NET Web application in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. A caller to the 
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Web services must provide valid domain credentials to 
the Microsoft CRM Web service. Therefore, when you do not specify 
credentials, or when you use impersonation, the correct credentials are not 
provided to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Web services. Therefore, the exception 

We also need to grant Network Service privileges to the OU you have CRM 
pointing to. Please switch Key: AutoGroupManagementOff back to Value: 0 and 
reset IIS.

You can apply the permissions by following the steps below:

- Open Active Directory Users and Computers (Start | Run | dsa.msc)
- Select View | Advanced Features (If it is not already checked)
- Right click on the CRM OU and select Properties
- Select the Security tab
- Select Add | Network Service | OK
- Select Advanced | Network Service | Edit
- Grant Network Service the following Permissions: 

For testing purposes, I would like to grant Full Control to the OU for 
Network Service. If it works to add users by granting full control, please 
apply the permissions listed below:

List Contents
Read All Properties
Read Permissions
Read adminDescription
Read adminDisplayName
Read cn
Read countryCode
Read gPLink
Read gPOptions
Read heuristics
Read legacyExchangeDN
Read Managed By
Read msCOM-PartitionSetLink
Read msCOM-UserLink
Read msCOM-UserPartitionSetLink
Read msDS-Approx-Immed-Subordinates
Read msDs-masteredBy
Read msDS0MembersForAzRoleBL
Read msDS-NCReplCursors
Read msDS-NCReplInboundNeighbors
Read msDS-NCReplOutboundNeighbors
Read msDS-NonMembersBL
Read msDS-ObjectReferenceBL
Read msDS-OperationsForAzRoleBL
Read msDS-OperationsForAzTalkBL
Read msDS-ReplAttributeMetaData
Read msDS-ReplValueMetaData
Read msDS-TasksForAzRoleBL
Read msDS-TasksForAzTaskBL
Read msExchADCGlobalNames
Read msExchALObjectVersion
Read msExchHideFromAddressLists
Read msExchInconsistentState
Read msExchPolicyList
Read msExchUnmergedAttsPt
Read name
Read Name
Read OwnerBL
Read postalAddress
Read postalCode
Read postOfficeBox
Read replicatedObjectVersion
Read replicationSignature
Read showInAddressBook
Rest st
Read stree
Read structuralObjectClass
Read unmergedAtts

Also remember to give Network Service Full Control on the UserGroup and 
ReportingGroup. It will need privileges on those two groups in order to add 
the users to the groups.  See KB 908984. This details the required 

If all else fails then the repair process has resolved this issue in the 
past. Since removing the auto group management we know it is an issue with 
permissions. The repair process should correct the AD permissions issues when 
it is run. At this point we have tried to manually add the permissions to the 
groups but it isn't working correctly. When run by a domain administrator, 
the repair process will make sure all of the permissions are set and that the 
connections are also correct. It will require up to one hour of downtime for 
the repair process to complete. If this issue was run by the Microsoft CRM 
dev team, the first question they will ask is if a repair was run. Because of 
this the repair is the next step in the troubleshooting of this issue. Once 
completed please attemt to recreate the issue.

If you have customizations, you shouldn't have to worry about them or your 
isv.config file. The repair shouldn't alter them.

My advice to you in this situation is to export your customizations which 
will include the isv.config file. I would also make a backup of your CRM 
databases in SQL to be on the safe side. Your custom entities shouldn't be 
altered but it's better to be safe than sorry.

I hope this helps. Let me know how it goes!
11/6/2006 6:19:02 PM

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