Can CRM 4.0 professional run on Windows SBS 2003?

CRM 3.0 shipped in two flavours: CRM 3.0 for Small Business Server,
and CRM 3.0 professional.  Apparently, CRM 4.0 doesn't come in a "for
Small Business Server".  Instead, it ships as "professional" and
"enterpriese" editions.

Has anyone tried running CRM 4.0 on Windows Small Business Server

anedza (69)
2/29/2008 7:02:02 PM
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I'm running CRM 4.0 workgroup on SBS 2003 R2, didnt have any problems yet. 
As long as you have your ReportServices right during installation, you should 
be fine.


"Andy" wrote:

> CRM 3.0 shipped in two flavours: CRM 3.0 for Small Business Server,
> and CRM 3.0 professional.  Apparently, CRM 4.0 doesn't come in a "for
> Small Business Server".  Instead, it ships as "professional" and
> "enterpriese" editions.
> Has anyone tried running CRM 4.0 on Windows Small Business Server
> 2003?
> Andy
2/29/2008 9:21:00 PM
Hi Alex, thanks for your reply.

I found the following from our licensing provider, talking to
Microsoft reps, and MS internet postings.  This information can change
so you should always contact such sources to obtain the most current

Microsoft CRM 3.0 for Small Business Server has been replaced by CRM
4.0 workgroup edition.
You used to be able to buy CALs for CRM 3.0 SBS in packages of 5, and
install up to around 70 CRM 3.0 users.  CRM 4.0 workgroup instead
ships with 5 CALs and doesn't allow you to install anymore than that.
Just like CRM 3.0 SBS, you can only define 1 organization in a
workgroup installation.

Microsoft CRM 3.0 professional has been replaced by CRM 4.0
professional and CRM 4.0 enterprise editions.  CALs for both versions
are purchased individually (they do not come in packs), and there is
no limit to the number of CALs you can install.  CRM 4.0 professional
allows you to define only 1 organization in its installation ala CRM
3.0.  CRM 4.0 enterprise lets you to have more than 1 organization in
its installation.

Other than for the number of organizations you can define in a single
installation and the number of CALs that can be installed, all the CRM
4.0 editions are identical in feature set and come with the same look-

All CRM 4.0 editions can run on any of the windows server 2003 family
( SBS, 32bit, 64bit) or newer windows server platforms.  CRM 4.0 uses
new functionality available in SQL Server 2005, so if you were running
CRM on an older SQL Server installation, you have to also upgrade to
SQL Server 2005.

Old CRM 3.0 CALs cannot be migrated, upgraded, or installed into CRM
4.0 retail editions.  But, the 10 CALs that ship with the Action Pack

anedza (69)
3/4/2008 4:40:26 PM

The new SQL Server 2005 functionality that is being used by CRM 4.0 is

anedza (69)
3/4/2008 4:50:49 PM
Thanks for the write up. So if you had 12 users on Microsoft CRM SBS 3.0 it 
seems you can't upgrade to the workgroup edition due to the number on user 
CALs. Right? So does that mean we need to upgrade to the professional 
edition? Will we have to pay any license fees for the upgrade?

Nahi (1)
4/4/2008 9:01:00 AM

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