Campaign Response Conversion

I'm closeing a campaign response and converting it to an opportunity.  After 
I do this, the record becoems read-only.  Is there any way to indicate that 
this record has been converted on the Campaign Response Associate View.  
Thanks in advance.
11/7/2006 6:18:02 PM
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Hi Steve, one way to achieve this is:
* Customize the campaign Response's "StatusCode" (display name is "Status 
Reason") attribute to add a new value called Converted. There are multiple 
"States" of a campaign response (Open, Cancelled and Closed). This new value 
should be added to "Closed" and make this new value a default for "Closed" 
* Add another value say "Closed Unconverted" under the "Cancelled" state and 
make that a default for the Cancelled state.

Now if you convert a response to any entity (select any of the first three 
options on that "Convert" form), then the Status reason for that campaign 
response will show up as "Converted". And if you select a last option 
(Close) and set the status as "Cancelled", then the status reason for that 
response will show up as "Closed Unconverted".

You would also now be able to 'advanced find' the campaign responses for a 
particular campaign that were 'converted' vs 'closed unconverted' to do the 
ROI calculation.

This is a long winded solution. Ideally one would be able to just customize 
the "Closed" state to add more values and be able to select that from the 
convert dialog. I've filed that issue to be considered in the future 
versions. But I hope this solution helps you for now.

Manisha Powar (Madhusudanan)
Program Manager
Microsoft Dynamics - CRM

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"Steve" <> wrote in message
> I'm closeing a campaign response and converting it to an opportunity. 
> After
> I do this, the record becoems read-only.  Is there any way to indicate 
> that
> this record has been converted on the Campaign Response Associate View.
> Thanks in advance. 

11/28/2006 10:40:37 PM

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