Benefits of Using MS-Exchange with MS-CRM

- What are the major benefits of using MS-Exchange with MS-CRM. 
- To make MS-Exchange speak to my MS-CRM, what all softwares do I need to install ? 
- For leads which are part of MS-CRM, will incoming emails automatically get associated with them ? 
- Incoming eMails which don't have any leads associated to them, what happens ?
7/24/2004 1:46:02 AM
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The greatest benefit, I think, is that by integrating the 
two with the Exchange email Router, you can (optionally) 
have CRM-related emails automatically converted to 
activities in the CRM system and that the 
emails/activities can be associated with existing Sales 
Opportunities, Cases, Customers, etc.  THis way you can 
easily recount what communication has transpired 
regarding a given order, issue, etc.

For the integration to be completed, you need to install 
the MSCRM Exchange Email Router on the same server as 

Yes, incoming emails can be automatically associated with 
leads assuming that the incoming email is a reply to a 
message sent out from CRM and already associated to a 

If it is not part of an ongoing thread, you can establish 
a relationship to an Account, Contact, Opportunity or 
another record type by using the Regarding field.

Rafael Gomez
>-----Original Message-----
>- What are the major benefits of using MS-Exchange with 
>- To make MS-Exchange speak to my MS-CRM, what all 
softwares do I need to install ? 
>- For leads which are part of MS-CRM, will incoming 
emails automatically get associated with them ? 
>- Incoming eMails which don't have any leads associated 
to them, what happens ?
7/24/2004 11:54:35 PM

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