Authentication Error after restoring SQL databases

Our CRM Development Team messed up our dev server and asked our SQL dba to 
restore a two day old SQL backup of the MSCRM and METABASE databases. After 
the restore, the CRM app. is unaccessible through the browser ( 
Authentication Error. Microsoft CRM could not log you on to the system. Make 
sure your user record is enabled and that you have been assigned at least one 
security role. For more information, contact your system administrator. ) 
Using the Deployment Manager only the License Manager information are visible 
and neither Server Manager nor User Manager. It seems like the application 
cannot access the databases but no other changes has been made. Any Idea ?
11/14/2007 9:43:00 AM
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If you repair your CRM server , you will find out all warnings or
errors .


11/14/2007 10:14:05 AM
Thanks Aamir for your for your quick response. I was actually getting strange 
messages about unvalid msi package property when I tried to repair but 
finally I found out what the problem was and was able to do a repair. 
However, now when trying to access: Settings, Organization Settings an error 
occures. "An error has occurred. For more information, contact your system 

"Aamir" wrote:

> If you repair your CRM server , you will find out all warnings or
> errors .
> /Aamir
11/14/2007 11:33:01 AM
 If you turn on "Dev Errors" in  web config file on crm server , you
would see the detail error.


11/14/2007 11:43:29 AM

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