Am planning my first installation of MS Dynamics CRM 4.0 Workgroup Server and got a few questions

Here is what I got in my environment........

SBS 2003 Premium Server SP1
ISA 2004 SP3
WSS 3.0 (side by side install with WSS 2.0 companyweb)
Web Interface for SharePoint Server 2007

Windows 2003 SP2 Standard member server
Presentation Server 4.5
Web Interface 4.6

Considering I've never installed CRM and do not have available resources to 
do a trial run I'm looking for those of you who have and your opinions and 
suggestions. I'm opening myself up for any and all suggestions as well as 
criticism (be easy though) o please feel free to take your best shot. I know 
this is risky but have no other options right now.

I need to install MS Dynamics CRM 4.0 Workgroup Server on my Windows 2003 
SP2 Standard member server. I have a hardware concern here. Currently I have 
2 RAID arrays on my controller.

Channel 0 = 2x18 GB 15k RPM SCSI RAID1 (mirrored) for my OS only and 
programs that need to be installed there.
Channel 1 = 7x73 GB 15K RPM SCSI RAID5 (striped set w/hot spare) for all 
other program and data.

My C: drive is running low on disk space and I've cleared all I could to 
recover about 2.6 GB of free space. I also need to install MS SharePoint 
Server 2007 on this server also. I know I can install the programs to my D: 
drive volume as well as the SQL databases which I plan on using the built in 
SQL Express version. My concern is for my C: drive and the files that will 
get installed into my Windows directory fro both these programs. As stated 
above only 2.6 GB free space and that equals about 12% free which is already 
under industry recommended standards.

So if anyone can provide any feedback and input, good or bad please I want 
to hear all. Thanks to all.

10/8/2008 5:06:44 PM
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