Adding Word Templates in CRM 3.0

Hello all,

Our company recently upgraded to 3.0 from 1.2.  In 1.2, there was button 
where I could add Word doc templates to use as contract templates.  I am 
unable to locate this functionality in 3.0.   Any directions would be greatly 
appreciated.   Thanks.

Marcos (14)
1/31/2008 6:06:02 PM
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Hi Marcos,
I guess you were using some third party addon in CRM 1.2 which is not 
updated for CRM 3. 

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"Marcos" wrote:

> Hello all,
> Our company recently upgraded to 3.0 from 1.2.  In 1.2, there was button 
> where I could add Word doc templates to use as contract templates.  I am 
> unable to locate this functionality in 3.0.   Any directions would be greatly 
> appreciated.   Thanks.
imumar (138)
1/31/2008 8:51:02 PM

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