Account vs. Competitor?


Why exist both "competitor management" function and specify
Relationship at "Competitor" in Account management function?

10/26/2004 9:37:49 AM
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Competitors give you the ability to associate the competitor with products and
opportunities and other objects.  There is value to this in terms of reporting
against success rates against certain competitors in your space.  However, this
is only availbale with the Pro license.

The Account Type competitor can be used for other tracking of informaiton about
your cempetition without a Pro license or if you don't need the level of support
provided by the Competitor featureset.

Matt Parks
MVP - Microsoft CRM

On 26 Oct 2004 02:37:49 -0700, (Tien) wrote:


Why exist both "competitor management" function and specify
Relationship at "Competitor" in Account management function?


10/26/2004 7:13:04 PM
I agree, we're adopting to using "Competitor" as a 
relationship type in the hopes to simply the tabs/screens 
our users must use.  However, CRM  will not map a lost 
opportunity to an existing account.  Argh!
10/26/2004 11:43:02 PM

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