Tony Toews Blog re Access Copyrite


I read Tony Trowes comment (with which I agree) and was wondering about 
copywrite (or copyright?).

So, here is a formula that I came up with this morning.

= [SomeOtherField]      I know, it's impressive.

Do I own the copywrite on this formula?  

OK I know this is daft example but some (all) of the codes and answers that 
are posted in this forum take quite a while to work out and are slightly more 

I have been informed that copyright can be awarded or taken "if" the 
intellectual design (in this case my wonderful formula) is a "first thought" 
and specific enough to differentiate between it and other "thoughts".  This 
means that if you answer a question that has been answered by others and your 
answer is the same (to a greater degree) you do "not" own the copyright but 
if you are the first answer - or - your answer is different to a greater 
degree than other answers you "do" own the copyright.  


The answers given in this (and other) forum are given freely and are in 
answer to a specific question, so they are in the public domain.  

But (again) 
If an individual or corporate body copies your "first thought" and uses it 
as a "hook" to get people to visit a site with advertising then you may be 
entitled to a percentage of the advertising revenue as it could be argued 
that without your input the revenue would not have been earned.

Is it worth me contacting Google and asking for a payment   :-)

Just a thought.

Manchester, England.

11/13/2007 11:15:01 AM
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