Sum of values in a form


I have read numerous threads on this topic, and understand that in order for
my Sum() to work I need t ensure all references are made back to the Record

I have endeavoured to do this, but am still getting #Error.

I am trying to Sum the revenue each tenant provides in a given date range, to
give a total revenue figure. If the date range is a whole month, then the
expression just takes the value of Rent PCM, and not Rent PCM * No. of Days,
which would give some unusual results.

My Expression looks like this:

=Sum(Nz(IIf([Short Let]=-1,[Rent pcm],IIf(Day([Forms]![Revenue Report]![Start
Date Chosen])=1 And (Day([Forms]![Revenue Report]![End  Date Chosen])=Day
(DateSerial(Year([Forms]![Revenue Report]![Start Date Chosen]),Month([Forms]!
[Revenue Report]![Start Date Chosen])+1,0))) And (Month([Forms]![Revenue
Report]![Start Date Chosen])=Month([Forms]![Revenue Report]![End  Date Chosen]
)) And (Year([Forms]![Revenue Report]![Start Date Chosen])=Year([Forms]!
[Revenue Report]![End  Date Chosen]))=-1 And [Moved In]<=[Forms]![Revenue
Report]![Start Date Chosen] And ([Moved Out]>=[Forms]![Revenue Report]![End
Date Chosen] Or [Moved Out] Is Null),[Rent pcm],DateDiff("d",IIf([Moved In]<=
[Forms]![Revenue Report]![Start Date Chosen],[Forms]![Revenue Report]![Start
Date Chosen],[Moved In]),IIf([Forms]![Revenue Report]![End  Date Chosen]>=
[Moved Out] And [Moved Out]>=[Forms]![Revenue Report]![Start Date Chosen],
[Moved Out],[Forms]![Revenue Report]![End  Date Chosen]))*([Rent pcm]*(12/365)

I wonder whether referencing back to another form where I have entered the
dates for the query range (Start Date Chosen and End Date Chosen) are the
current cause of my problem.

Any thoughts gratetfully received.

Kind Regards,

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11/19/2009 5:39:21 PM
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I noticed that nobody answered.    

A couple of thoughts:   

1.  Make sure the name of the box is not the same as the name of anything 
else, including anything used in the expression.  A common problem if you 
"started" the box as one bound to a single field.    Or, to put it an easier 
way, try renaming the box to somethinn that certainly doesn't have that 
conflict.  If you "started" box    

2.  Try "cutting down" your expression until it starts working.   That 
should narrow down what the source fo the problem is.  

11/20/2009 1:13:01 PM

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