set query crieria by reference of form control in access project

 Hi There,

I am developing an Access 2007 .adp Project (so really access 2000)d
atabase using SQL 2000 as the data backend.

I have a subform which contains a combo box where you can select a
'Service'. There is then a subform which contains a combo box where
you can select a 'Task' which needs to be filtered according to the
'Service' selected on the previous subform. I then have a third
subform which will be used to select 'Products', again using a combo
box filtered according to the 'Task' selected.

The combo boxes all have a row source which use a Query on a lookup
table to determine the values to display.

All of the 'Services', 'Tasks' and 'Products' are stored in a single
look up table which contains the following fields:

ID - An int field set to Identity Seed with an Increment of 1.

Type - Nvarchar Combobox to select 'Service', 'Task' or 'Product'.

Name - Nvarchar to enter the name of the 'Service', 'Task' or
'Product' e.g. Purchasing

Reference - Int to reference the ID of the 'Service' or 'Task' that
the record relates to e.g:

A 'Service' called 'Planning' has an 'ID' of '1' and a 'Reference' of

A 'Task' related to 'Planning' is called 'Equipment Planning' which
has an 'ID' of '4' and a 'Reference' of '1';

A 'Product' related to 'Equipment Plannning' is called 'Schedule of
Locations' which has an 'ID' of '6' and a 'Reference' of '4';

All 'Services' have a referencve of 'O'.

Any 'Task' belonging to 'Service' ID '1' have a Reference of '1'

My Problem is that I need to be able to set the Row Source of the
'Task' combo box with criteria which looks at the value selected in
the 'Service' combobox so that only records with the selected
'Service' 'ID' as their 'Reference' are displayed in the 'Task'

Now in a regular Access .mdb database this could be easily achieved
using criteria as follows:

Service_Type being the name of the combobox on the first 'Service'
subform which contains a rowsource which diplays all records with a
criteria for 'reference' set as =0.

This method however, does NOT work using .adp project databases and
the following error message appears:

'Data Type Error in Expression'...

Does anyone PLEASE know of any way that I can get this to work and
reference a control on a subform as part of the criteria in the

Many Thanks In Anticipation,

TechyGal :)

3/14/2008 9:33:46 AM
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