Set Password Expiry period/date

How can I set a password expirry date
10/24/2007 9:06:01 PM
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In Access? You can't.

Doug Steele, Microsoft Access MVP
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> How can I set a password expirry date 

10/24/2007 11:27:35 PM

"Douglas J. Steele" wrote:

> In Access? You can't.
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> Doug Steele, Microsoft Access MVP
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> (no private e-mails, please)
> "stinhop" <> wrote in message 
> > How can I set a password expirry date 
10/25/2007 4:40:00 PM

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I have a summary report where I need a count of patients with their first visit date within a specific date range, but I also need a count of those same patients with one of four different outcomes during that same date range (delivered, miscarriage, transferred out, or no outcome withing the date range). Is this possible? Yes! Create a query that includes PatientID, FirstVisitDate and Outcome. Use the Between ... And construct in the FirstVisitDate field criteria. Click on the Sigma (looks like capital E) button in the menu at the top of the screen. Under PatientID, change ...

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Hello everyone I have a date in A1 as 31-12-04 (format DD_MM_YY) I want to type the formula in A2 like ="As on "&A1 but I am getting the result like "As on 38352" . Is there any way can get the result like "As on 31-12-04". Appreciate your help Regards Tom -- Message posted from Hi ="As on " & TEXT(A1,"dd-mm-yy") -- Arvi Laanemets (When sending e-mail, use address arvil<At> "SMILE >" <<> wrote in message news:SMILE.16dx12@exc...

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