Report Printing 12-07-07

Hi Allen,


I have a database name Transfer Deed & I have a form in which I’ve to give 
data for fields.


Deed No. 
Shares Distinctive No. From 
Shares Distinctive No. To 
No. of Shares (Difference of above)   

I’ve a report also on before open the report a popup form occurs & ask for 
Deed No & Lot which represent data above what I want know that before open 
the report it open with lot of nos. provided for example.


Distinctive No from is = 500

Distinctive No to is = 1000

No. of shares is = 500


And lot provided on popup form is 100 then 5 pages report of 100 each 
appears with following distinctive nos.


500 to 600 = 1

601 to 700 = 2


901 to 1000 = 5 


Can you help me in this regard.



12/7/2007 1:07:02 PM
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