Re: Storing and Retrieving 'DateLastStored'

Steve Schapel <>
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> MJ,
> Sorry. just a quick tangential comment at this stage, as I haven't
> quite got a handle yet on the real questions you are asking.  But I
> thought I should point out that your variable declarations are
> probably not doing what you want them to.  For example, this line: Dim
> StartDate, EndDate, PrevDate As Date .... I imagine you think is
> creating 3 date variables, whereas it is not, the only date variable
> will be the PrevDate.  You should do it like this: Dim StartDate As
> Date, EndDate As Date, PrevDate As Date .... or, in my opinion, better
> to do each one on a separate line: Dim StartDate As Date Dim EndDate
> As Date Dim PrevDate As Date
> -- Steve Schapel, Microsoft Access MVP
> MJ wrote:
>> We have built a database that imports data from a number of files
>> that are produced daily and compiles it into a single "MASTER" table.
>>  Most of the time the user will only be importing a single day at a
>> time, but after weekends and when we initiate this database we will
>> process multiple dates at a time. 
>> This importing process works, but we want to put a safety into the
>> code to prevent loading of previously loaded dates.
>> My initial thought was a simple If then-Else where:
>> ======== Private Sub CmdImport_Click()     'Import Files

test test test
12/26/2007 5:50:19 AM
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