Qucik Access Toolbar not showing custom controls

Hi All,

I'm having a problem with the QAT in access 07
I'm trying to add custom buttons via XML, and not having any luck.
I can populate the QAT with IDMSO controls, but when I use a custom id
button it doesn't show in the QAT bar.
Below is a sample code I have been working with, the Copy and Paste
buttons will show up but not the Test button.

<customUI xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/office/2006/01/
   <ribbon startFromScratch="true">
          <button id="Test1" label="Test"  imageMso="Delete"
          <button idMso="Copy"
          <button idMso="Paste"

I've tried with and without a label and with and without a size.
I've tried using custom button images
I've tried opening forms as well as MSO functions.
I have checked that 12.0 library is check off.
And I have restarted access for every change I have made, not just
close and reopen the database.

I'm total Lost at this point.

Thanks for any help


10/3/2007 4:49:25 PM
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Anyone have any ideas on this!

i really need some help, i would like to put a Combo box on the QAT.

but i can't even get a custom button to work.

thanks, Carter

10/4/2007 8:31:51 PM

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